Craft Beer im Herzen von Köln genießen

Cocktails and long drinks from the oldest distillery in Cologne

Experience Sünner spirits from Cologne’s oldest distillery and enjoy first-class cocktail and long drink creations at the MühlenBar on Heumarkt.

Kölsch cocktails

In the MühlenBar we serve exclusive Mühlen Kölsch cocktails, such as the KölschCello, the Bierrinha or the Cassuki.

Craft Beer

Ale is the original international general term for beer. In most countries today, top fermented beers are called ale and and bottom fermented beers are called lagers.

Ale’s are further subdivided into beer styles:

Mild Ale pale: little hopped, very sweet.
Pale Ale light: hop accentuated, hardly residual sweetness
Brown Ale: very dark, malt accentuated, little hopped
Heather Ale: Scottish style, use of heather
Strong Ale: strong beer